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Founded more than 130 years ago by William Booth, The Salvation Army is a religious and social service organization, a branch of the Christian Church dedicated to the battle against sin and despair.

There is an integrated ministry to body, mind and soul. The Army seeks not only to improve the physical environment and provide for material needs, but also to reveal the power of Christ's love. Its social services programs assist children, the elderly, families, and those battling addiction.

Our Organization

  • The international leader of the Army is General André Cox and he's at our headquarters in London. We only have one general.
  • Here in the US, our leaders are called National Commanders, and they are Commissioners David and Barbara Jeffrey - they lead the four US territories; Central, East, South and Western.
  • The leader of a territory also carries the rank of Commissioner and is called a Territorial Commander. In the Western US, our leaders are Commissioners Jim and Carolyn Knaggs
  • In the Western US, we have 10 Divisions and the leaders of those geographic areas are called Divisional Commanders and usually carry the rank of Major or Lt. Colonel
  • The Western Territory stretches from Denver to Micronesia and from Alaska to New Mexico.
  • The corps is the basic service unit of The Salvation Army and provides religious and social services adapted to the needs of the community.


To find your local Salvation Army, or to learn more about the Army's ministry in your area, follow the links to the divisional headquarters nearest to you.